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The Moodie Davitt High Flyers: Laura Toner on the heart of ARI’s brand transformation

Team at Launch

03 Oct 2023

ARI unveiled a refreshed brand identity and framework earlier this year after 18 months of global efforts. In a recent column with The Moodie Davitt Report, ARI Global Head of Marketing, Laura Toner outlined how it isn’t just a surface-level makeover but a profound redefinition of the travel retailer’s identity and values.

Driving the recent rebrand at ARI has been an incredible journey, one that has touched not just the surface but the very heart and soul of our organisation. As the Global Head of Marketing, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the impact this change has had on our business. I must admit, it’s not just professional fascination but also a personal passion that drives me.

Brand isn’t just a logo or a catchy slogan; it’s the essence of who we are. It’s how we present ourselves to the world, how we want people to perceive us and most importantly, what we aspire to achieve. At ARI, we know that forging emotional connections with our customers is paramount. It’s about going beyond transactions and tapping into the human experience.

Earlier this year, after more than 18 months of global efforts, we unveiled a strategic brand identity and framework for ARI.

It wasn’t just a fresh coat of paint; it was a redefinition of our identity, a recommitment to our values and a reaffirmation of our vision. It was about aligning every facet of our business with a single purpose – to bring joy to our customers on their journeys.

Laura Toner

Global Head of Marketing, ARI

ARI is so much more than a travel retailer. We are curators of bespoke experiences, creators of a deep Sense of Place authentic to each location, and dedicated partners for our stakeholders. Our brand is the ‘what’ – the foundation upon which we build. Our Customer Value Proposition (CVP) and our exceptional team are the ‘how’ – the dedicated talent which brings it all to life.

To read more about our brand principles and how we bring joy on your way, click here!


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