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Passenger Focus

At ARI, everything begins and ends with the customer. That’s why we invest in extensive research to understand and anticipate their every need.

One of the most important elements of our Customer Insights Programme is our Customer Segmentation.

This is a custom-built customer profiling tool for airport retail that goes beyond simple demographics. It leverages attitudes and behaviours specific to airport retail in specific locations, allowing us to create a detailed profile of passengers.

We learn about their attitudes to airport shopping and forensically understand our customer –their attitudes, behaviour, triggers, and barriers to shopping.

Our mixed methodology approach incorporates the latest in research technology, including tools like Mobile Ethnographic Journeys and Eye-Tracking.

ARI’s commitment to excellent customer service means that Customer Satisfaction Tracking is also a key element of our global research strategy.

Maintaining and growing the satisfaction of our customers is fundamental to the delivery of ARI’s Customer Value Proposition. Complementing our segmentation work, the customer satisfaction tracking programme allows ARI to speak directly with our customers to understand how we can improve their shopping experience with us.

This satisfaction tracking enables us to implement both tactical and strategic initiatives based on recent changes in shopper satisfaction.

We know our customers better than anyone, and it’s what allows us to create tailored and joyful customer experiences across each of our locations.

Customer Service