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ARI announces opening of new Preloved Boutique at Lisbon Airport

Preloved at Lisbon DF

04 Jan 2024

We have expanded our presence in the preloved fashion and accessories category with the opening of a new standalone Preloved boutique in Lisbon Duty Free (Terminal 1, Lisbon Airport).

This new launch is the second preloved store in ARI’s portfolio since we pioneered the concept with the opening of a preloved boutique at Montréal Trudeau International Airport in 2021.

We are incredibly excited to welcome this new concept to Lisbon Duty Free. We have seen a shift towards a more conscious consumer who aims to shop more sustainably and give more consideration to every purchase. We know that our customers seek out limited editions and unique products, and this offering will deliver that one-off experience, coupled with luxury at a more affordable price point.

Alain Brun

CEO, Portugal Duty Free

The preloved concept is still a relatively new one in travel retail, but it is going to significantly influence and shape the way people shop in the coming years. Since the launch of our first preloved store at Montréal Duty Free, the strong savings versus downtown prices, as well as rare and vintage styles that are no longer being produced, have inspired a real appetite from customers buying into our circular concept. We have no doubt that travellers passing through Lisbon Duty Free will enjoy the opportunity to embrace a more conscious and sustainable approach to fashion.

Richard Maynes

ARI Global Head of Fashion and Accessories

The new Preloved store is located at Terminal 1, Lisbon Airport and is now open!

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