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Tullamore DEW Phoenix Launched At Irish Whiskey Collection

Tullamore DEW Phoenix, a complex, triple distilled Irish whiskey was today announced as the newest addition to the renowned Irish Whiskey Collection at The Loop, Dublin and Cork airports.

The limited edition is an airport exclusive to ARI and will also be available in Bahrain and Cyprus. Available in 70cl bottles, medium golden amber whiskey is priced at €49.95 for all passengers – Duty Free and Duty Paid.

Medium bodied with distinctive sherry notes, Tullamore DEW Phoenix is nicely balanced with pleasantly spicy, creamy pot-still whiskey flavours and reveals a long-lasting finish and lingering warmth.

Exclusively available in Ireland at The Loop and The Tullamore Heritage Centre, the new whiskey was named to commemorate Tullamore’s coat of arms, which features the mythical Phoenix, the symbol of rebirth or regeneration.

Jean Ann Taylor, Head of Retail, The Loop, said, The Irish Whiskey Collection features only the finest products and the new offering from the Tullamore DEW stable is simply outstanding. The Tullamore DEW provenance together with the company’s reputation, both at home and abroad, will help ensure the early success of Phoenix. It’s keenly priced and is a whiskey to be bought and enjoyed now. Although, as a limited edition bottle, some may decide to add Tullamore DEW Phoenix to their own private whiskey collection.”


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