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The “Vault of Fortune” Opens at Bahrain Duty Free

Bahrain Duty Free has launched an exciting new promotion offering passengers the opportunity to win up to US$ 100,000 in shopping vouchers.

Running from April 14 through to June 14 “The Vault of Fortune” is designed to increase passenger spend across all the departures and arrivals duty free outlets at BDF.

When a customer spends BDF50 they present their receipt at The Vault of Fortune stand and then choose a key to try to open the vault. If the vault opens they  get to pick one of the 51 envelopes inside, each of which contains a shopping voucher worth from US$ 20,000 – US$ 10,000 – US$ 5,000 – US$ 2,500 to US$ 1,000.  If the vault remains shut they can try their luck again once they spend an additional BDF50 at one of the duty free shops.

There is also a social media element to the campaign to help increase Bahrain Duty Free’s Instagram followers. Any passengers who have their photo taken at the promotional Face Cutout stand and tag Baharin_Duty_Free are entered into a draw to win a US$ 1,000 shopping voucher.

The state of the art signage in the walkways and in the shops, the winner’s podium, the innovative promotion mechanic and  the light hearted interaction between sales staff and customers are all contributing to a really memorable promotion according to Bahrain Duty Free General Manager Garrett Coogan.

“Bahrain Duty Free is well versed in the art of creating award winning promotions that not only entertain customers but more importantly drive sales. This current promotion “Vault of fortune” really delivers on both counts. Thanks to the superb efforts of our retail and marketing teams customers are fully aware of the great prizes on offer and really enticed to spend more in Bahrain Duty Free. It is a win a win situation for customers, BDFS team members and Bahrain International Airport,” he added.

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