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Caribbean ARI Celebrates Crop Over Festival

To celebrate Crop Over this year Caribbean ARI introduced a calypso dance troupe, a local steel pan player and a well-known local DJ ‘Kashi Brown’ to bring some theatre and atmosphere to the shops. Sampling was conducted on a wide range of popular local products and several promotions were launched aimed at driving penetration and ATV in the Liquor and P&C stores.

Crop Over is a traditional harvest festival which began in Barbados, having had its early beginnings on the sugar cane plantations during the colonial period. The crop over tradition began in 1688, and featured singing, dancing and accompaniment by bottles filled with water, shak-shak, banjo, triangle, fiddle, guitar, and bones. Originally a celebration signaling the end of the yearly sugar cane harvest, it has since evolved into Barbados’ biggest national festival similar to Carnival in Brazil and Trinidad.

For the entire two months life for many islanders is one big party with a major feature of crop over being the calypso competition. There arealso craft markets, food tents and stalls, street parties and cavalcades every week supplemented by daily events at Tim’s on the Highway, the new home of the Barbados Crop over Festival.

Every evening the ‘Pic-o-de-Crop’ Show is performed when finally the King of Calypso is crowned. The climax of the festival is Kadooment Day celebrated with a national holiday when costume bands fill the streets with pulsating Barbadian rhythms and fireworks that ignite the sky.




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