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ARI unveils stunning €8m million retail development in T1, Dublin Airport

ARI today opened a stunning new ‘walk-through” retail arena in T1, Dublin Airport.  A first class design featuring world exclusives, innovative retail concepts and an expanded range in all categories, The Loop in T1 is set to transform the customer experience in Dublin.

The state-of-the-art retail environment is the culmination of an €8m million investment and 18 months of construction. It marks a step change in the overall passenger shopping and dining experience which now covers an area of 8,673sqm, of which 1,787 sqm is core duty free.

“The Loop in T1 will not only raise the bar amongst our European peer group but in fact many of our global counterparts,” said ARI Retail Director Paul Neeson. “We are hugely confident that it will not only maximise revenue with a projected uplift of 16% in PAS but also customer satisfaction to deliver ARI’s vision of an outstanding shopping experience every time.

“This confidence is underpinned by the fact the retail offering was truly designed by our customers for customers. From the outset right through the design and brand selection process we have engaged extensively with both Irish and International passengers to understand and tailor the offering to meet their needs and create a real desire to shop.    This ambition to be truly customer focussed extended from major structural decisions such as sacrificing retail space post security to create extended customer orientation, seating and recovery areas to reduce passenger stress to children telling us what flavour the lollipops and popcorn should be in our new confectionery concept.”

“Now that the development is completed, I’d like to commend the entire team on their hard work, talent and tenacity to deliver our vision of a world class retail offer with a true sense of place that reflects a modern and contemporary Ireland.”

ARI is renowned for delivering a bespoke retail offering that celebrates and delivers a real sense of place. The design for The Loop in T1 remains true to this with Irish design at the forefront of the new retail space and present in every aspect of the newly developed Loop. For example, award -winning Irish artist Shane Holland was commissioned to design a unique copper sculpture that takes pride of place in the new Irish Whiskey Collection and our product range features more than 330 Irish produced goods.

The Irish Memories souvenir concept has been rebranded by drawing on a more contemporary theme and commissioning exclusive new ranges that will set it apart from its domestic competitors.   Features such as iconic Irish street furniture, a traditional phone box perfect for selfies and a fully restored old post box will deliver retail theatre and an authentic customer experience.



Perfume and Cosmetics has traditionally been the core category for The Loop at Dublin Airport and this will be further underpinned by an expansion in terms of footprint and range.  “The overall design of the beauty area is very fresh and vibrant to deliver an inviting yet luxury feel for our discerning customers,” Neeson said.

The new perfume and cosmetics area will boast world firsts such as the travel retail debut of Urban Decay.  The award-winning beauty brand will feature products such as the acclaimed Naked Palettes range from an 18sqm counter.

Charles Scouarnec Urban Decay Retail & Marketing Senior Project Manager thanked ARI for everything it has done to make the opening a success. “It has been a real pleasure working with ARI on all aspects of this development and we’re looking forward to strengthening our partnership in the months to come,” Scouarnec said.

Securing Irish exclusives for Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Collection and Elie Saab La Collection des Essences further underpins The Loop’s reputation for offering a real point of difference compared to its domestic competitors.  The luxury fragrance range will be further enhanced by the addition of Armani Prive and Tom Ford Private Blend.

Hair care specialists Aveda will open its second ever airport door at The Loop, allowing customers to choose from all of its top selling brands. Whilst the introduction of Kiehl’s extensive range of natural skincare products and strong brand heritage will be another welcome addition to The Loop’s diverse beauty offering.

The Irish Whiskey Collection

ARI is expanding its award winning Irish Whiskey collection and reinforcing its reputation as the most knowledgeable whiskey purveyor in travel retail by opening one of Europe’s most diverse whiskey stores offering over 365 whiskies in total. The new Irish Whiskey Collection in T1 is also broadening its horizons to include sought after whiskies from distillers in Japan, Finland, USA, Sweden and Taiwan.

“There’s a whiskey to suit all tastes and budgets in the collection and our liquor buyers have invested considerable time and energy in sourcing a range of whiskeys that is the most diverse in airport retail,” according to Paul Neeson.  “With a number of products exclusive to ARI and 80% of the range delivering a minimum score of 90 in the renowned Jim Murray Whisky Bible this store is a whiskey lover’s dream.   To deliver real customer engagement and interaction our whiskey ambassadors are always on hand to offer tastings and advice to both connoisseurs and whiskey novices alike”

Candy Cloud

ARI believes in wrapping categories in concepts that tell stories rather than putting products on shelves and is delighted to launch a new addition to our range of retail concepts – Candy Cloud our brand new confectionery concept. Designed to unlock self-purchase with children eager to spend their holiday money and adults looking for the perfect gift, Candy Cloud is a swirl of colours, candy and merchandise. With gifting the number one reason for purchase and particularly among our frequent business travellers this delivers against a real customer need and revenue opportunity. Extensive research with children informed decisions on name, brand mark and range so ARI is confident that a purchase from Candy Cloud will not disappoint.

This bright, fun and vibrant new sweet shop is “Choc” full of over 180 different sweets, chocolates and treats to provide customers of all ages with an exciting and memorable diversion before they board their flight. Customers can choose from quirky new  popcorn flavours such as white chocolate and milk, coconut caramel, tasty cheese, sweet salt and sweet chilli for the more adventurous taste buds. Sitting alongside famous brand names such as Haribo, M&Ms, Skittles, Kinder and Nestle will be an eclectic mix of marshmallows, lollipops, chocolate games and boiled sweets in every colour and size. Beyond confectionery, the offering features exclusive Candy Cloud stationery and soft toys alongside a range of branded toys.

There is a children only area called Magic Hollow where they can explore an enchanted forest with features such as giant lollipops and marshmallows.

To deliver retail theatre and customer interaction an M&M air balloon photo opportunity will feature at front of store.

“Confectionery is a category that’s ripe for development and I’m confident that Candy Cloud will prove irresistible in drawing in customers young and old, ”Neeson said.

The Wine Goose Chase

Drawing on strong Irish links to some of the great wine producing families, The Loop is pleased to introduce a new wine concept in T1.

In the 17th century, many Irish Families left their homeland to travel far and wide and set up vineyards in France, Australia, and New Zealand.  The Loop’s Wine Goose Chase Collection celebrates their rich and storied history in wine making.

Only stocking wines with an Irish heritage, the new wine section is perfect for those looking for a present for friends and family abroad or who just want to bring a piece of history with them.  With over 70 different wines to choose, priced from just €10 to €125, the concept is aimed at wine lovers of all budgets and represents a sophisticated and novel gifting opportunity.


ARI have incorporated innovative ‘Olfactive Spirit Pro’ diffusion technology, which filters bespoke scents into the shops. For example during a chocolate promotion it may filter chocolate scents or to enhance the Candy Cloud experience we will diffuse scent into the walkway around the store. This technology respects the environment, the store and the people working there.


The introduction   of digital signage screens which will be centrally managed allows ARI to deliver promotions & create seasonal themes in a dynamic and interactive way.

“In an era when customers are telling us that airport shopping is losing its cachet and thrill with all airport shops looking the same we feel we have addressed this in T1 Dublin by creating exciting new concepts,  retail theatre  and an authentic sense of place”, Neeson said.  “Above all we are focussing not on till transactions but on giving our customers a memorable and rewarding experience”





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