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ARI Launches Destination Skincare Campaign

ARI has launched “Destination Skincare” at The Loop in Dublin & Cork Airports to promote the importance of a good skincare regime. The brand neutral promotion focuses on the different “skin destinations” such as Destination Radiance to Destination Hydrate to Destination Ant-Ageing and everything in between.

The Loop Retail Marketing Manager, Michelle Corbett said “This latest campaign responds to the diverse skincare needs of all our customers. By listening to our customers we learned that both women and men have different requirements depending on where they may be travelling too or simply what they are trying to achieve with their skin.

The campaign is supported by extensive marketing activity incorporating press, radio, PR, social media and digital marketing, plus delivering TV and social media engagement through our partnerships with key beauty influencers. A fully trained skincare team is also on hand in both terminals in Dublin and also in Cork to advise customers on how to take the best care of their skin and on what are the most appropriate products for their “destination”.

Head of Retail Jackie McDonagh added, “We want to educate customers on the importance of a quality skin care routine, as well as showcasing The Loop’s great range of leading premium skincare brands such as Clinique, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Elizabeth Arden, YSL, Biotherm and the recently added Kiehl’s.”

To generate additional PR, ARI commissioned a *survey of Irish women’s skincare habits, which revealed some surprising results. For example Irish women are more than a little envious of our French counterparts, with 60% of respondents citing them as their ‘skin idols’. Italian women were ranked second in the ‘most enviable’ stakes, followed closely by Americans.

In a surprising twist, Irish women confessed that they are more likely to bare our naked bodies to a new partner, than our naked faces. Our other half should expect to wait at least three months before catching a glimpse of us without our war paint, while 10% of those surveyed said they would not be seen without make up for at least six months. However, when it comes to our body, we are far more comfortable, with 16% of those surveyed saying they would bare their body to their significant other immediately, and almost half of those surveyed happy to do so after one month.

* survey conducted on over 650 participants via Beaut Surveys


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