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ARI Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Close to sixty guests, including partners, customers, media and former colleagues, joined ARI in the small village of Adare in South West Ireland on September 26 and 27, to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the company’s formation and to mark Ireland’s year of The Gathering, 2013.

Beautiful autumnal sunshine bathed guests and ARI personnel alike over the two-day get together in this charming village, located close to Shannon Airport, where the world’s first duty free shop was opened in 1947.

The event was organised in appreciation of the support of key stakeholders during  ARI’s two-and-a-half decades of success in business. It also provided the opportunity to affirm how the company continues to invest in new and upgraded retail infrastructure and in key management resources, to meet the challenge of the next twenty-five.

ARI Chief Executive, Jack MacGowan, led a business briefing on the morning of Friday 27, which outlined the company’s strategy for growth in key markets such as the Middle East and India; the closer relationships which ARI intends to build with suppliers worldwide; and ARI’s absolute focus on the quality of the shopping experience for retail customers.

During the briefing, ARI unveiled its new brand promise, “Experience is Everything,” which references both the significance of the retail experience for ARI customers and the long years of valued experience, the Company brings to everything it does.

Later that evening, at a Gala Dinner at Adare Manor Hotel, an impressive castellated 19th century building, guest speaker Martin Moodie of the Moodie Report spoke of Ireland’s contribution to the development and growth of the travel retail sector, including the impact of globally-renowned figures such as Colm McLoughlin, the late Dr. Brendan O’ Regan and Irish-American, Chuck Feeney.

That evening also, Jack MacGowan, revealed plans by ARI to establish a global Uisce Beatha Project (The Irish language name for whiskey, meaning water of life), which will raise up to $1million over the next three years to fund schemes that will improve access to clean water supplies for communities which do not currently enjoy this basic life-supporting resource.

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