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How We Buy

We serve thousands of customers every day in locations from Barbados to Beirut, Montreal to Muscat and Dublin to Delhi.

Our extensive trading history in these markets means we don’t just guess what our customers want - after decades of selling to them we know exactly what they want.

Our core categories

The ARI International Buying and Merchandising Team, with input from the local team in each location, is responsible for our product range.

They continually monitor and evaluate developments and trends across categories, brands and individual product lines to ensure the merchandise offered in each of our locations is always up to date, desirable, competitively priced and tailored to drive sales forward.

Our merchandise plan ensures the airport retail experience offers:

  • International appeal while recognising regional differences
  • Efficient use of space, benchmarked against sales potential and return
  • A mix of self-purchase, gifting and impulse product
  • Products at various price points with the ability to trade up
  • Items exclusive to travel retail
  • Savings over domestic markets
  • Appeal to business and leisure passengers
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